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Gentle drying of bulk material at low temperatures

Belt dryers are applied when different kinds of bulk material are to be dried using residual heat and waste heat from other processes. The main field of application is the wood-based industry as well as the pellet industry, and food industries. They are also suitable for drying biomass and the fuel pre-heating processes in power plants. According to requirements, they act as pre-dryer, main dryer or final dryer, and they can be heated either directly or indirectly. The main energy sources are hot water, low temperature steam, and exhaust air.

  • Water evaporation up to more than 20 t/h per unit
  • Product-friendly drying
  • Modular designed dryer for different ranges of performance and applications
  • Designed as single or double belt dryer s
  • Indirect heating via heat exchanger for steam, hot water, or thermal oil
  • Direct heating via process waste heat or hot gases
  • Optimized air ducting with frequency controlled fans
  • Fully automated temperature control, frequency controlled belt velocity, reversing device for an even drying result
  • Dry and wet cleaning device for the belt
  • Belt deviation control for a fault-free continuous operation
  • Inspection and maintenance friendly dryer

In belt dryers, the bulk material to be dried is evenly distributed at a predetermined bulk height on the belt. This moves with adjustable velocity through the dryer. Above the belt, heat exchangers are installed to transfer the usable residual heat of the existing energy source to the fresh air drawn in. The air is drawn through the material bed, and thus dries the material. An integrated reversing device recirculates the material to be dried, thus ensuring a uniform remaining moisture.