Industrial belt dryers for bulk solids

Reliable drying throughout all phases – with the aid of residual heat and waste heat

Büttner's belt dryers are versatile all-rounders. They are employed when different types of bulk solids need to be dried with the aid of residual heat and waste heat from other processes. Belt dryers are often used in the pellet industry, in the food and fodder industries and to pre-dry fuel for energy plants. Depending on the need of the customer, they function as the lead dryer or as pre- or after-drying systems and can be heated directly as well as indirectly.

  • Water evaporation capacity of 4 t/h to over 20 t/h per unit
  • Dryers constructed modularly for diverse performance ranges and applications
  • Heated indirectly by heat exchangers utilising steam, hot water or thermal oil
  • Heated directly through process exhaust or hot gas
  • Optimized airflow with frequency-controlled fans
  • Fully automatic temperature control, frequency-regulated belt speed, turning system for an evenly distributed drying result
  • Dry and wet belt cleaning systems
  • Belt tracking for trouble-free, continuous operation
  • Dryer designed to be easy to inspect and maintain with numerous windows and large, easy access inspection doors

Bulk solids that are intended to be dried on belt dryers are distributed onto the belt at a predetermined dumping height and move through the dryer at a fully adjustable speed. Above the belt, heat exchangers are installed, which dispense available residual heat from the existing energy source to the incoming fresh air. Air is drawn in through the material bed and thus dries the goods. An integrated turning system ensures the agitation of dried goods and therefore an even distribution of remaining moisture.