Our Values

We – the employees at BÜTTNER – have developed a mission statement that provides us with orientation and motivates us to achieve our goals.
The VALUE SYSTEM that we have created together to reflect our corporate culture as well as how we behave both INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY constitutes an important aspect of our mission statement.
All employees are required to conduct themselves in accordance with these values and to develop them further.


We combine innovative expertise with many years of experience. We are able to meet present and future demands through ongoing training and continuous exchanges.
Our actions focus on the targets that our customers set. We strive towards high quality and high standards of service while accompanying our projects and products across their entire life cycles.


We bear a responsibility towards customers and society.
We are forward-looking in our thinking and actions and set an example in this regard.
Our expertise in the fields of energy, recycling and environmental technology makes production with the protection of resources possible for our customers.


Respect and regard for each other are the foundations on which our appreciation of each other rests.
We create trust in ourselves as collegial and reliable partners by sharing responsibility for our actions.


Our work both at the office and on site with customers is characterised by commitment and motivation.
We are confident in our abilities and demonstrate courage when faced with the new.
We join our customers in looking forward to success and new challenges.


Respect and courtesy constitute the cornerstones of our communications.
We exchange information transparently and reliably across all organizational units.
We support each other as team players and, as such, act as partners to our customers, suppliers and service providers.