Drying Biomass for energy applications

Büttner's drying systems and energy systems, a combined solution

The utilisation of renewable raw materials is increasingly a focus and the application of biomass as a fuel is now commonplace. Bark, waste from the wood industry, from roadside maintenance and from landscaping, as well as agricultural wastes such as straw or palm fibres serve as fuel. Although the composition of biomass is extremely heterogeneous, all materials have one thing in common: in most cases their water content has to be significantly reduced before they can be used for energy.

Büttner's drying systems and energy systems are excellently suited to drying biomass. The technical solutions are as varied as the materials. Depending on the raw material, application and water content involved, Büttner designs, builds and supplies the right dryer for the job and combines with it a precisely matched energy system with robust burners.

In addition to a precisely controlled drying process, another important factor for drying biomass is a facility's cost-effectiveness – making use of free waste heat. The materials, often very inhomogeneous, require specific dryer internals and special handling. Büttner's biomass drying systems are designed to be robust and easy to control, so that chocking is avoided. They can be retrofitted in many different ways – even if the fuel's water content varies from that of the system's original design.

Thanks to the proven combination of drying and energy systems, Büttner's facilities make an important contribution to efficiency along the entire production process. This allows for a highly feasible and cost-effective utilisation of biomass fuels.