Drying solutions for Bulk solids

Single-pass drum dryers and other drying systems for free-flowing materials

Free-flowing bulk solids represent very different challenges to the drying process because of their heterogeneous nature. Wood particles, beet pulp and other biomass products are processed differently from fertiliser, soil, fodder or coal. Based on decades of experience with a variety of materials, Büttner has established a comprehensive spectrum of drying solutions and related thermal energy systems. In addition to a customised drying process for bulk solids, with single-pass drum dryers, tube bundle dryers or belt dryers for example, Büttner also provides solutions to supply the systems with heat when the need arises..

Directly heated single-pass drum dryers lend themselves to drying and conditioning. Flue gas functions as a heating medium and is produced by a variety of firing systems. Special combustion chambers with muffle burners are employed for burning either dust, heavy oil, light oil or natural gas. Alternatively, grate firing systems are also installed to burn chipped biomass products such as waste wood or bark.

Büttner has developed steam-heated dryers for use with cogeneration systems (CHP). Here, either tube bundle dryers (rotary dryers) or tube drum dryers are up to the task. Both types of dryers are indirectly heated with turbine exhaust steam and thus an excellent complement to a cogeneration system's heat utilisation.

The drying systems developed by Büttner for free-flowing bulk goods are designed, manufactured and installed individually for any industrial requirement. In this way, each material is dried professionally and efficiently. Büttner's drying solutions have proven themselves reliable and low-maintenance in global operation.