Drying Systems for wood pellets

Fuel production with Büttner single-pass drum dryers

Wood pellets are in fashion as fuel for private homes and industrial firing systems. The rod-like pellets are produced mainly out of wood wastes from saw and planing mills, as well as from debarked and shredded logs. Büttner's drying systems ensure that wood chips are dried efficiently with energy savings in mind and at the required moisture level before they are made into pellets.

Both small and large flakes must have a constant level of moisture before being pressed into the ring die or flat die presses; operations would otherwise be disrupted. For this reason, Büttner provides single-pass drum dryers with a sophisticated control concept: variations in the wood's moisture content are effectively eliminated. With the highest energy and thermal efficiencies available, Büttner's drying systems are a proven component to optimal product quality.

Single-pass drum dryers generally utilise flue gas from the grate-firing of chipped biomass products such as waste wood or bark. Steam-heated or hot water-heated tube bundle dryers can also be used in combination with cogeneration (combined heat and power or CHP) for the production of pellets.

Büttner supplies both custom-made drying systems for pellet production and compatible energy systems to customers around the world; combining decades of experience with technical innovation.