Directly heated drum dryers for flakes, OSB strands and other biomass products

Büttner's single-pass dryer is efficient, versatile and robust

Büttner's directly heated drum dryers are distinguished by their diverse heating possibilities, efficiency and ruggedness. These single-pass dryers are utilised for drying wood flakes, OSB strands, beet pulp, DDGS, pomace as well as all types of free-flowing wood material, biomass products and other bulk solids.

  • Depending on the product, a water evaporation capacity of up to 80 t/h
  • Heated directly by multi-fuel burners in combustion chambers
  • Heated directly by flue gas from energy systems
  • Heated directly by exhaust gases from turbines or motors
  • Any combination of these heating methods is possible
  • For high moisture content levels, a flash tube dryer can be attached
    to pre-dry and separate coarse materials
  • Product separation takes place by means of cyclones or drop box
  • Backmixing of the dried product, if necessary (e.g. DDGS)

Products designated for drying come in through an air-tight rotary valve and into the rotating single-pass dryer drum. The dryer drum is equipped with specific internals, depending on the type of product. This results in an increase in surface area and with it, an increase in efficiency.

The product is transported slowly through the dryer drum, by the internals of the dryer drum and the flow of the hot gases. Hot gases from the dryer flow around the product in a continuous current, heat it up and remove the moisture. After a product has passed through the dryer drum, cyclones separate it from cooled down and moist dryer gases. Dependent on the product and systems involved, mechanical pre-separation with a drop box is also available for use. At the end of the process, the dried product is discharged from the drying process through an air-tight rotary valve. To make use of the residual heat, dryer gases are partly recycled back into the mixing chamber. The other part is released as exhaust or sent through filter systems and cleaned.