Wood chips dryer for OSB boards

Drying OSB strands with Büttner single-pass drum dryers

At one time called wafer boards, everyone knows those OSB boards used in construction and packaging; long, thin chips (strands) from debarked logs are layered and then pressed into large boards. The wood-based panel industry's modern, highly-efficient presses require a source material which exhibits a permanent uniform degree of moisture.

This is where Büttner comes in:

Our single-pass drum dryer, which is heated with flue gas, makes sure that both thick and thin strands always have the proper moisture content. Büttner's energy and drying systems allow for precision pre-treatment and drying of the wood material; this ensures that the OSB boards are always of the same high-quality. The entire process is precisely modulated and monitored.

The flue gas required for heating the dryer is generated either in the grate firing system or in special combustion chambers with multi-fuel or muffle burners. Manufacturing wastes, e.g. bark, siftings and waste material from board production, are used as fuel. Under certain conditions primary fuels such as oil or natural gas can also be utilised. At large factories an energy system often must provide for two or more heat consumers acting partly independent from one another. Büttner's sophisticated control concept for energy systems helps to provide a constant supply of heat to all outlets.

Büttner's single-pass drum dryers make a significant difference to the quality of the finished OSB boards. With an efficient and reliable drying process, they allow for optimal, trouble-free production processes in the wood industry. And all of this globally.