Inspection and modernisation

Outstanding efficiency and profitability combined with long service life

Büttner dryers and energy systems are extremely durable capital goods that also have to handle a heavy workload. Designed for decades of operation, Büttner systems are always available and extremely reliable in operation over their entire life cycle, whether dryers, burners, or energy systems.

However, over the years, technology evolves and system operating conditions change. To make sure your system continues to operate at maximum efficiency and profitability, even after many years, it needs to be regularly serviced and updated.

But which measures are both feasible and worthwhile? Our modernization packages are tailored to meet the individual needs of your plant using our wealth of experience and in-depth expertise.

We implement all our modernization measures on-site, including the installation and supervision of all conversion measures, spare parts deliveries, and commissioning.

What can we do for your system?

Let’s find out together which measures currently meet its individual requirements.

We offer you the following modernization and optimization measures:


Energy systems

  • Optimization of grate hydraulics to allow for continuous speed-controlled grate movement
  • Lower energy consumption through frequency-controlled fans for upstream pressure requirements
  • Higher efficiency and lower emissions by controlling the air flow in the cooling frame
  • Dust and granulate injection
  • Low-boiling separation system for thermal oil
  • Position control of the fire front and thus optimum grate utilization
  • Lower emissions through urea injection

Drum dryers

  • Optimized shut-off cone guide for horizontal mixing chambers
  • Automated lubrication system for drum tire ring and drive chain
  • Optimized drying process through a second wet material input for pre-dried material
  • Optimized drying process via fresh air damper in the hot gas section
  • Optimization of drum internals
  • Wear-protected hot gas cyclone
  • Wear protection packages for high-performance cyclones, material cyclones, and ducting
  • Upgrade to the latest drum seals

Flash tube dryers

  • Interchangeable blow line in MDF and insulation board systems
  • Process optimization using deflectors/rectifiers
  • Process optimization using deflectors in cyclone dip tube

Multi-fuel and combination burners

  • Optimized wear protection
  • Optimization of dust dosing airlock/injector
  • Optimization of burner by installing a fitted core gas lance


  • Optimization of burner controls through a PLC-based fail-safe control system
  • Modernization of system controls: upgrading sensor technology, HMI, and PLC to the latest standard
  • Modernization, optimization, and function expansion
  • Process optimization
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Higher performance
  • Lower emissions

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