DDGS (Distillers dried grains with solubles)

Fodder from the ethanol industry – dried with Büttner's drying systems

Distillers grains are coproducts from dry grind ethanol plants, and can be produced as distillers dried grains (DDG or DDGS) or distillers wet grains (DWG or DWGS), with or without solubles.

Many cereal grains, such as wheat or barley can be used to produce ethanol, although corn is the predominant grain. Distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) is produced by mixing DWG with Condensed distillers solubles (CDS) and then drying the mixture.

In the recent years as a result of new technologies other coproducts from the ethanol industry have emerged. Fractionation results in new coproducts, such as high protein DDG (HP DDG or HP DDGS) or high fibre DDGS.

Our single-pass flue gas heated drum dryers are well suited to the task of drying distillers wet grains with or without solubles (DWG or DWGS). Due to the sticky nature of DWGS, back-mixing a part of the already dried material is usually necessary. Steam-heated dryers are preferred when steam from other processes is available. Here either the tube bundle dryers (rotary dryer) or the tube drum dryers are employed.