Indirectly heated tube drum dryers

Drying systems for fine bulk solids – designed to work with cogeneration systems (CHP)

Büttner's indirectly heated tube drum dryers are specifically designed to work in combination with cogeneration systems (CHP). They function as reliable and efficient dryers for wood flakes,DDGS, Corn gluten feed and other finely dissolved and free-flowing wood material, biomass products and bulk solids.

  • Depending on the product, a water evaporation capacity of up to 25 t/h
  • Heated indirectly by steam, hot water or thermal oil
  • For cogeneration (CHP) combined applications
  • Product discharge via drop box
  • Exhaust filtering by means of cyclones or bag filter
  • Backmixing of the dried product, if necessary (e.g. DDGS)

A product designated for drying comes in through an air-tight rotary valve and into a rotating single-pass dryer drum with installed tube bundle. The product then flows through the heated tube bundle, which turns with the drum casing and warms the product. In doing so, the water contained in a product is evaporated into the dryer air, which is preheated by heat exchangers. At the end of the dryer drum, the dried product is separated in a drop box and discharged through an air-tight rotary valve. Warm and moist dryer air is extracted and dedusted in cyclones or bag filters.