Büttner's thermal oil heaters

Process heat for the wood manufacturing industry and other sectors

Thermal systems are used in countless production methods and a variety of industries require thermal oil to transport process heat. Büttner's proven thermal oil heaters are heated with flue gas and operate as a single-pass system.

  • Performed capacities: 4.5 MW - 38 MW
  • Single-pass thermal oil heaters, heated with flue gas
  • Robust design with high uptime
  • Automatic cleaning of convection system with soot blowers (steam or pressurised air)
  • Fully automatic de-ashing system

For thermal oil heaters, the boiler system serves to heat the oil, using the heat generated from the flue gas. The thermal oil, in forced circulation, is directed into the inlet headers on the convection boilers and flows through meandering, curved coils and the adjoining radiation heat exchanger. Sub-flows are brought together again in the outlet header.

Soot blowers automatically clean deposits from the heater's convection boiler.  The cleaning system's deployment and operating frequency is carried out depending on the level of contamination. The entire amount of flue gas is sucked through the heater by a fan placed behind the convection boiler.

In the thermal oil circulation cycle, multiple temperature gauges and safety switches monitor the oil temperature. The primary cycle pumps keep the quantity of the circulating thermal oil constant in every operating condition. They carry the thermal oil from the distributor to the heater and then back to the distributor. In case of a power failure, an emergency pump takes over the circulation of the thermal oil and directs it over an emergency cooler.