Line burners - Büttner's hot gas generator

Hot gas generation for directly heated drying systems

Hot gases are needed for various industrial processes, particularly for heating drying systems directly. Büttner's line burners are designed to produce hot gas robustly and efficiently and operate on natural gas. They have proven themselves worldwide in the wood-based panel industry, the cement industry, in mill construction and at many other industrial facilities. Büttner's line burners are extremely robust, safe and low-maintenance.

Büttner's line burner, or BLB, consists of so-called ramps, which are assembled from individual modules and pre-installed in a piece of the duct. The ramps, which can be turned on and off individually, are supplied with fuel via sub channels. In this way, control ranges of 1:20 or beyond are possible. The scope of delivery includes the pre-mounted gas train as well as the sub channels with all safety-relevant armatures.

Büttner's gas line burners are characterised by an especially maintenance-friendly design and low cost replacement parts. The electrodes can be replaced and the flame detectors adjusted from the outside, while mixing plates, nozzles and modules are individually replaceable.

  • Output range 0.8 MW – 48 MW
  • Easy to service modular construction
  • The burner ramps can be furnished with multiple gas sub channels, which can be shut off individually. This allows for a very broad control range of 1:20
  • Very slight pressure loss throughout the burner (approximately 2 mbar) means energy savings of over 50 percent
  • The mixing device is specially designed to allow for exhaust gas with a very low pollutant level, whilst simultaneously cooling the components effectively
  • Very high flame stability
  • Vacuum and pressure operation possible
  • Ignition takes place electronically for each ramp – a separate ignition torch is not needed
  • Flame monitoring by means of a UV flame detector for each ramp