Grate-firing systems from Büttner

Energy systems for solid fuels: clean, versatile, low-maintenance

Industrial Grate-firing systems are used very often in processes involving energy generation with solid fuels. Büttner's grate-firing energy systems are individually customised to the operator's needs and are flexible when it comes to the fuel needed – whether it be waste wood, bark, chips, coal, peat or another type of biomass.

Grate-firing systems from Büttner are made to operate continuously and designed with a fully automatic de-ashing system. They allow for fuels with a very high moisture content of up to 150 % bd to be burned. In addition to providing process heat, power generation is also possible through a combined system with a steam turbine or an ORC module for the thermal oil cycle.

The grate surface is adapted to the volume of the combustion chamber and thus ensures that the flue gas is clean and burnt off. Numerous technical innovations increase the profitability of Büttner's grate-firing systems. One example is that additional chips or fibres can be blown into the lower combustion chamber. Sanding dust, gas and oil are burned in the upper part of the chamber. Flue gas from these substances is then utilised to heat thermal oil or generate steam. Thanks to efficient utilization of flue gases in the dryer system, in the wood based panel industry an efficiency level of more than 95 % is attainable.

Büttner's grate-firing systems are reliable and low-maintenance, which results in a high uptime. Our combustion systems operate in every climate of the world and demonstrate their high profitability.

  • Fuels with a moisture content level between 20 - 150% based on bd
  • Combustion of waste wood (A1 - A3), wooden board wastes (MDF, PB and OSB), bark, wood chips, coal and peat
  • Air-cooled step grate sized from 12 to 90 m²
  • Firing capacity from 10 - 75 MW
  • Automatic de-ashing system
  • Graduated air-inlets
  • Low emissions