High perfomance flash tube dryers

Dry flakes and fibres in seconds – even those with high moisture content

Büttner's industrial flash tube dryers are highly versatile and extremely high performance. They are employed for drying goods with a high surface moisture content or a very high specific surface. They serve, for example, to pre-dry wood flakes before the material makes its way into a drum dryer. Flash tube dryers are also used as lead dryers for the drying of fibres in medium-density fibreboard, paper pulp (TMP, BCTMP, Kraft pulp) or starch production. For many years Büttner's flash tube dryers have been in global operation successfully in a variety of industrial sectors.

  • Depending on the product, a water evaporation capacity of more than 70 t/h per unit
  • Drying takes place in mere seconds, afterwards the material is separated mechanically or carried through into the attached drum dryer

Flash tube dryers can be heated in various ways, for example by:

Flash dryers primarily consist of piping, through which heated dryer air flows. A product to be dried is brought into the dryer and conveyed further by the dryer air. Water evaporates in a matter of seconds. At the end of the flash tube, the material is separated from the air stream by means of cyclones. If the flash tube dryer is utilised as a pre-dryer, the material is fed into the drum dryer at the end of the process.