Wood flakes dryer for particle board furniture production

High quality standards thanks to Büttner's flash tube pre-dryers and drum dryers

Particle boards have a special place among wood-based materials. They were traditionally, and are still to this day, used to a great extent in furniture production. Chipped waste wood, wood thinnings and recovered wood are the raw materials used to produce particle boards in the wood industry. For particle board production, wood flakes are glued, sorted according to size and then pressed; the larger flakes form the middle layer and fine flakes the hard surface.

A uniform moisture level for the flakes used in production is important for the quality of the particle boards. This is why Büttner's efficient and high-quality drying systems are in very wide use around the world: our single-pass drum dryers, which are heated directly by flue gas, always ensure that wood flakes have a uniform and optimal moisture content.

Büttner's various firing systems generate the flue gas used for operating single-pass drum dryers. Wood dust, heavy oil, light oil or natural gas are burned inside special combustion chambers with combination burners or muffle burners. Alternatively, grate firing systems are also employed to burn chipped biomass products such as waste wood, bark or particle board scraps.

Flash tube pre-dryers upstream of drum dryers are used for wood with a high moisture content. These dryers dramatically reduce the moisture content of the wood within seconds, before the dried goods reach their final moisture level in the drum dryer.

Steam-heated dryers are preferred when utilised in combination with cogeneration (combined heat and power or CHP). Here either the tube bundle dryers (rotary dryer) or the tube drum dryers are employed. Both types of dryers are indirectly heated with turbine exhaust steam and thus an excellent complement to a cogeneration system's heat utilisation.

Büttner ensures optimally dried materials for particle board production with the smooth interaction between burner system, flash tube pre-dryer and single-pass drum dryer. Our systems have proven themselves worldwide at countless facilities in the wood industry.