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Corn gluten feed (CGF) and corn gluten meal (CGM) are coproducts from corn wet milling plants (starch or ethanol production).

Corn gluten feed (CGF) is comprised primarily of the portion of the kernel that remains after the starch, gluten, and germ have been removed. It is produced by combining the remaining corn bran with steep liquor, and is commonly available in either dry or wet form.

Corn gluten meal (CGM) is comprised primarily of the gluten protein stream which is separated from the starch after the removal of the germ and fiber. It is high in crude protein and low in fiber.
The Starch and Ethanol industries use not only corn as raw material but wheat, potato, cassava, pea and rice, etc. During the processing of these raw materials other similar coproducts emerge. Wheat gluten feed, vital wheat gluten, potato pulp are the most known ones.

Büttner's single-pass drum dryers, tube bundle dryers (rotary dryer) or flash tube dryers are well suited to dry the different coproducts of the wet milling plants.