Büttner, a lively history since 1874

Büttner celebrates its 150th anniversary 2024
Büttner celebrates its 150th anniversary

Today, Büttner is the leading international supplier of complete systems in the field of heat generation and drying technologies.

Site established in Kaiserslautern 2022

The new competence centre for environmental technology is established in Kaiserslautern.

2012 Company Merger

Merger with Siempelkamp Energy Systems SES to form the new Büttner Energie- und Trocknungstechnik GmbH.

BÜTTNER's company history - Drying Systems (Krefeld)

Relocation to Siempelkampstraße 2012

The company relocates to Büttner's new location at the Siempelkamp company site.

A new logo 2007
A new logo

In 2007, a new logo is created to represent the company's historic ties.
On the one hand, the new logo should of course mirror the current Büttner lettering, which has a very high level of recognition in the wood industry. And on the other, the logo has the task of reforging the connection to new, old customers through the company's historic ties to many other industrial sectors.

Büttner becomes a subsidiary of Siempelkamp 1995
Büttner becomes a subsidiary of Siempelkamp

Büttner becomes a subsidiary of the Siempelkamp Group.
Relocation of the company to Parkstraße in Krefeld-Uerdingen, Büttner's original headquarters.

Merger 1969

Merger to create Büttner-Schilde-Haas Aktiengesellschaft (BSH).

Acquisition of company shares 1968
Acquisition of company shares

Büttner acquires shares in the company Maschinenfabrik Friedrich Haas GmbH & Co. KG.
With this acquisition, Büttner also takes on the business fields of vacuum technologies, textile drying and textile finishing.

Relocation to a new headquarters 1959
Relocation to a new headquarters

In 1959, the company relocates to a new headquarters at Parkstraße in Krefeld-Uerdingen, Germany.

The new division of "circulating dryers" 1937
The new division of "circulating dryers"

An independent division for circulating dryers is created. Additionally, in the same year the 1000th drum is manufactured.

The largest steam boiler contract 1928

In 1928, the largest steam boiler contract to this point is received. The delivery of the Russian power plant "Red October" takes place in Leningrad.

A new division 1926

Büttner's own division for ventilator construction is created.

New company emblem 1921
New company emblem

The new company emblem is created. It has its origins in the BÜTTNER's old family crest.

Rekindling business relations after the war from 1920

Systems are exported to: Denmark, Norway, Holland, France, the Belgian Congo, Great Britain, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, and Japan

August Büttner passes away 1919
August Büttner passes away

August Büttner passes away at the age of 72.

New management 1914

At the age of 26, August Büttner Junior takes over as head of the company.

Unification 1903

Unification with Trocknerbau Büttner & Meyer to form RHEINISCHE DAMPFKESSEL- UND MASCHINENFABRIK BÜTTNER & CO. GMBH.

The best year of any previous 1899

Described by Büttner as "the best year of any previous". Major contracts and the large amount of boilers sold are the reasons for this.

Foundation of the company 1874

The young engineer August Büttner founds the “Rheinische Röhrendampf-Kessel-Fabrik August Büttner & Co” in Krefeld-Uerdingen. In the same year, Büttner also produces its first boiler.

History of the Energy Systems (Hanover)

Foundation of Siempelkamp Energy Systems (SES) 2007

After the Siempelkamp Group acquires Metso Panelboard GmbH in October 2007, Siempelkamp Energy Systems GmbH (SES) is founded.

Valmet Panelboard becomes Metso Panelboard GmbH 2001

During the course of restructuring measures, the Metso Corporation changes the name of the company to Metso Panelboard GmbH.

Valmet Panelboard GmbH 1999

The Finnish company Valmet takes over Sund Defibrator, Kvaerner Panel Systems GmbH and the Press division from the company Küsters. The Energy Systems division is relocated from Stockholm to Hanover.

Relocation from Springe to Hanover 1998

Kvaerner Panel Systems GmbH moves from the former Bison Werke company site in Springe to Hanover Anderten.

Kvaerner Panel Systems GmbH 1996

The Norwegian company Kvaerner takes over Bison Werke Bähre & Greten.

Foundation of the Energy Systems division 1987

The Swedish company Sunds Defibrator founds an Energy Systems division in Stockholm.

The first particle board system 1952

Bison Werke Bähre & Greten builds the first particle board line.