Increase systems efficiency and avoid faults

Ensure a competitive edge in knowledge by participating in customized training and workshops.

Not all operating and maintenance procedures are routine for your employees. Moreover, technology continues to evolve in every respect and system operating conditions change during their life cycle. Changes in personnel may also lead to a requirement for additional training and instruction.

Stay up to date and refresh your knowledge as well as that of your employees on a regular basis.

Your employees can broaden their knowledge of operating and maintaining the system in customized training courses, enabling you to operate your system more efficiently and avoid faults.

Together we can ascertain which training courses are right for you and tailor their content and duration to meet your individual requirements.

Our training courses include:

  • Training and informational events on selected topics
  • Customized training courses with variable content depending on customer requirements
  • Personnel training and instruction on-site using your system
  • Remote training courses in German and English, adapted to suit various target groups such as:
    • Operating personnel
    • Cleaning personnel
    • Personnel for maintenance, servicing, and repairs
    • Control technicians and programmers
    • Technologists

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