Drying wood fibres for insulation boards

Flash tube dryer and energy system, an efficient combination

Wood fibre insulation is commonly used in home construction, either as wood fibre insulating boards (soft fibreboards) or as blow-in insulation. Because of its low density and thermal conductivity, wood fibre insulation serves as a heat insulator for roofs, outer walls, inner walls
and floors.

For the production of fibre insulation, wood chips are defibrated thermally and mechanically in a cooking and refining process without the use of glue and then dried. To ensure smooth operation and high-quality, it is important that the wood fibres reach a constant drying level – for this reason Büttner supplies drying solutions designed individually to work in perfect harmony with the appropriate energy systems.

Wood fibres are dried within seconds in the flash tube dryer. Büttner's facilities compensate for variations in the drying process thanks to our rapid control system and thus deliver optimally dried materials for wood fibre insulation.

Büttner's compatible energy systems supply the required thermal energy. They burn waste materials from the production process as well as externally purchased fuels such as gas or oil. Depending on individual requirements, the flash tube dryer is heated either directly with flue gas or indirectly with steam.