Spare Parts for Dryer and Energy Systems

Equipment supply for Büttner fabrications and those of other manufacturers

Büttner combines years of technical expertise in facility construction with a high level of innovation. In this way, we've honed our know-how, which allows us to offer service and replacement parts for drying and energy systems, even for those of other manufacturers.

We supply spare parts globally for our own machines and facilities, which operate in many industrial sectors – such as the wood and sugar industries, in the production of pellets and everywhere that biomass products and bulk solids are dried. We also supply spare parts for the dryer and energy systems of other suppliers.

We furnish spare parts, particularly for equipment supplied by the following companies:

  • Bison
  • Fläkt
  • Overhoff & Altmeyer
  • Pesch
  • Babcock BSH
  • Texpan
  • Sunds Defibrator
  • Valmet
  • Metso