Inspection and modernisation

Protect your investment with long-term safeguards for system quality

Büttner's drying systems and energy systems are incredibly long-lived investments that simultaneously operate in a high-load environment. They are designed to operate for decades and, over this period of time, to run reliably and on a permanent basis, whether it be a single-pass drum dryer for the production of wood-based panels or an energy system.

To keep our systems running reliably and at the highest efficiency, even after a long time in operation, they need to be maintained regularly and, from time to time, brought up to the latest technical level. By having inspections at regular intervals, a system's high quality is maintained.

For an inspection, our experts carefully examine the drying or energy system and, in the inspection report, provide an overview of its current operational state. Any wear and bottlenecks are indicated and, if of more up-to-date and suitable technical solutions are available, recommendations on modernisation measures are made. The urgency of individual measures is rated and put on a list of priorities, as well as any potential for energy savings or improvements.

Büttner pays special attention to older facility structures. After all, modernisation work and modifications always have to conform to the existing infrastructure and space available. For this reason, a large amount of experience and practical know-how is needed on the side of the company conducting the inspections. Büttner has been producing steam boilers and drying systems since the 19th century and combines expertise gained from this long tradition with technical innovation. For this reason, we don't just offer inspections and modernisation measures for our own systems, but for other company's fabrications as well. For this task in particular, Büttner views the interaction between energy system and dryer as a systems solution.