Installation, commissioning and inspection

Our engineers – active worldwide in the assembly of drying and energy systems

Büttner's drying and energy systems are in global operation in many industrial sectors such as the wood-based materials industry, the sugar industry and in the production of pellets. Drum dryers and matching heating systems are complex and bulky industrial facilities, which are delivered in individual parts or assembly groups, assembled subsequently on site and commissioned.

Because the quality of these operations is important to the later functionality and performance of the facility, we have our own installation supervisors and engineers for the assembly and commissioning. They assemble the facility according to the contract and bring it into operation on time.

Büttner's facilities are installed by our foremen and together with the customer's assembly personnel. Afterwards, our engineers begin the pre-commissioning. They inspect the entire facility's operational capability. The commissioning follows and, together with customer's future operating personnel, the facility is started up and further optimised. During this time, the customer's personnel are trained at the location. At the very end comes the final acceptance test, which demonstrates the contractually agreed-upon characteristics of the facility.

In this way, Büttner doesn't just deliver drying and energy systems. Together with the customer, we ensure the correct assembly and optimal operational start on site for the facility and take over long-term inspections for its operation, all the way to conversions or expansions.

Naturally, Büttner also offers a full installation service with experienced specialists.