Büttner to cooperate with NEW eco-tec Verfahrenstechnik: Twice the dryer expertise, one common goal

Büttner Energie- und Trocknungstechnik GmbH is treading new ground with NEW eco-tec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH.

The NEWtainer® belt dryer by NEW eco-tec

Krefeld, 07 April 2022 – Büttner Energie- und Trocknungstechnik GmbH is treading new ground with NEW eco-tec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH: the two companies have joined forces in sales and are pooling their expertise in the dryer segment towards a common goal. The dryer and energy plant specialist in Krefeld and the supplier of belt dryers in Mühldorf am Inn in Bavaria are going to be focusing, for example, on the benefits that belt dryers can create for the wood-based materials industry and that drum dryers can create for the agricultural, chemicals and recycling sectors.

Both partners will be joining forces to expand their portfolios at both ends and flexibly meet customer needs with the respectively appropriate dryer. One focus is on a possible dryer version that could be used in the wood-based materials industry: the belt dryer. Many industries employ this technology, which can also be used in plants for wood-based materials if sufficient process heat is available.

“The processing of waste or other recycling streams, and therefore resource efficiency, along with the utilisation of process heat at low temperature levels are increasingly gaining in importance. To that extent, we’re pleased that, besides being able to expand Büttner’s fields of business, we’ve been able to add an important component to the Siempelkamp Group’s overall competence in plant construction by entering a new partnership with NEW eco-tec,” said Andreas Klug, Managing Director at Büttner Energie- und Trocknungstechnik GmbH.

Belt dryers by NEW eco-tec are characterised by their special design and how the air is conveyed through the plants in the flexible drying of a wide range of products, e.g. raw materials for pellet production, fermentation residues, sludge, various waste fractions and fuels for heating systems that run on biomass. They are highly suited for drying sawdust and wood particles, bark and OSB strands. The company in Mühldorf am Inn is regarded as one of the most important manufacturers of compact belt dryers and also convinces with a USP that builds on containerised modular designs – drying systems that are installed in containers to enable plant operators to incorporate them into modular systems. That means that it is not only possible to expand the belt dryers as required, they are also very easy to transport and, if necessary, to relocate without much effort. The desire to make rapidly make it possible to use renewable raw materials, wood from short-rotation plantations (SRP) and recycling streams in the production of wood-based materials is something that the company has in common with Siempelkamp.

“We’ve made it our business to recycle, upgrade and utilise biomass, recyclables and waste in a meaningful way. That’s why we are developing sustainable process technology that is individually adapted to the specifications and wishes of our customers,” said Sebastian Bergler, Managing Director at NEW eco-tec.

That means that the two specialists in the field of drying are treading promising new ground. Initial projects have been initiated in spite of the challenges that corona-related travel restrictions have presented. “The sales teams at both companies are already working together on promising projects in both the wood-based materials industry and the biomass and waste recycling sectors. There is a reciprocal demand for drying technology in these areas and more and more projects are also coming into focus where it will be possible to combine belt dryers with drum dryers. The networks and representations of both companies will be fully utilised for our cooperation and we already think that the potential across the globe is very promising,” said Hans Hiermeier and Carsten Otto, Sales Managers at NEW eco-tec and Büttner respectively, in agreement with each other.